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Collectible Card Game
PROJECT:WAIFUR is a Collectible Card Game where you summon a team of digital beings called "Waifur" to fight for you within a virtual cyber-space setting.

Upgrade your waifur and enhance them by installing several programs such as weapons, supports, skills, viruses and many more.

Build the ultimate deck and challenge your rivals to an exciting CYBER-BATTLE!

Experience unique features, such as:
• COOLDOWN: Played cards eventually return! 
• CHARGING: Pay for card cost with any card!
• CANCEL: Hinder your opponents progress!   
• ESCALATION: Play hands of 20+ cards!      

Inspired by several TCG such as YuGiOh!, Magic the Gathering, Cardfight!! Vanguard and Pokémon TCG, as well as Capcoms Mega Man series!

The Characters of Project:Waifur

Card Examples