How to play


It is a collectible "Living Card Game"(LCG) where you summon a team of digital beings called "Waifur" to fight for you within a virtual space.

Upgrade your waifur and enhance them by installing several programs such as weapons, supports, skills, viruses and many more.

Build the ultimate deck and challenge your rivals to an exciting cyber-battle!

Experience unique features, such as:
\ COOLDOWN: Played cards eventually return!
\ CHARGING: Pay for card cost with any card!
\ CANCEL: Hinder your opponents progress!
\ ESCALATION: Play hands of 20+ cards!

\\\ A 50-card-deck including 3 waifur per player is required to play.
(Combine 50 cards from 3+ CHARACTER-PACKs, sold seperately)

Introduction FAQ



\ A deck-folder must contain 50 cards + 3 LEVEL1 waifur
\ The playset for LEVEL1 and LEVEL2 cards is 4
\ The playset for LEVEL3 cards is 1

The following is an example for a deck based on a middleground between characters RAM, WICKED and LASANYA:
W001-RAM W002-RAM W002-RAM W003-RAM P004-Dodge P004-Dodge P004-Dodge P001-EnergySaber P001-EnergySaber P001-EnergySaber P001-EnergySaber W004-WICKED P005-Dash P005-Dash P002-DoubleSaber P002-DoubleSaber P003-BulletCutter P003-BulletCutter P006-CriticalRush W005-WICKED W005-WICKED W006-WICKED W007-LASANYA P007-LightningBolt P007-LightningBolt P007-LightningBolt P008-ZappCloak P008-ZappCloak P008-ZappCloak P009-Jammer P009-Jammer P010-ThunderStrike P010-ThunderStrike   P011-AmpOrb P011-AmpOrb P012-ThunderDome W008-LASANYA W008-LASANYA W009-LASANYA P014-ChainExtend P014-ChainExtend P014-ChainExtend P013-BroadSaber   P013-BroadSaber P013-BroadSaber P013-BroadSaber P015-ChainGuard P015-ChainGuard P017-GuardBlade P017-GuardBlade P016-CyberWhetstone P016-CyberWhetstone P018-ChainBinding

Deck-Building FAQ

Q: How many cards does my deck contain in total?
A: 53 (50 cards + 3 LEVEL1 waifur)

Q: Can i add more than 3 LEVEL1 waifur cards to my deck-folder?
A: Yes, there is however no way to use those additional LEVEL1 waifur during play other than "charging".

Q: Can i use 3x the same LEVEL1 waifur?
A: Yes, although this is generally not recommended.

Q: Can i add LEVEL2 and LEVEL3 waifur cards to my deck that are not of the same name as my LEVEL1 starters?
A: Yes. (See rules for <CROSS-UPGRADE> within "COMMON-ACTIONS" section of this page)

Q: Why does the single CHARACTER-PACK i bought not contain enough cards to build a deck?
A: PROJECT:WAIFUR is sold via CHARACTER-PACKs, which contain every single card connected to the promoted character as full playsets. These packs allow you to chose and pick your favorite waifur and customize your deck-folder as you please, without any restrictions or additional costs that would come from a standard TCG BOOSTER-PACK-system. Instead, PROJECT:WAIFUR requires you to buy 3 CHARACTER-PACKs to play, allowing you to expand your card-library with each additional set.

Q: Can i combine more than 3 CHARACTER-PACKs?
A: Yes, you can combine any card of any set in a deck-folder as long as you remain within the playset-restrictions.

Q: Are there any prebuilt decks availiable?
A: There are no purchaseable "trial-decks" or "starter-decks" by design. There are also no plans on releasing any in the future.


\ Every waifur has her own zone on the field.
\ Card-effects will only apply to the waifur they are installed to and her programs, unless there is specific wording.
\ Both players may at any time look at the cards within their own
COOLDNOWN-ZONE, CHARGE-ZONE and CACHE-ZONE, but not of the other player.
\ Every time the DECK-FOLDER is searched, it must be shuffled afterwards.



Playmat FAQ

A: Any cards sent to COOLDOWN by normal means are always sent to COOLDOWN3, while COOLDOWN4 can only be accessed via card-effects.

Q: When does the CACHE-ZONE come into play?
A: The CACHE-ZONEs (3 seperate zones located underneath each waifur) can only be accesses through card-effects.
Cards are usually placed into CACHE via the <CACHE> common-action (See common-actions section).
Outside of card-effects, the only way to interact with cards within CACHE is when a waifur is deleted, as all cards attached to that waifur, including CACHE, are sent to COOLDOWN.

Q: How exactly do i position installed cards on the board?
A: Be crative! It is advised to place installed cards somewhere below or near the waifur they are installed to.
The only rule is to make it clear and obvious which card is attached to which waifur.

Q: What is the maximum limit of cards in HAND?
A: Unlimited.


The player to go first must skip COOLDOWN-PASE,
DRAW-PHASE and UPDATE-PHASE in their first turn.


\ All players <ENABLE> all cards.


\ Send all cards from COOLDOWN1 to your HAND. <ESCALATION>!
\ Move all cards from COOLDOWN2 to COOLDOWN1.
\ Move all cards from COOLDOWN3 to COOLDOWN2.
\ Move all cards from COOLDOWN4 to COOLDOWN3.


\ <DRAW> 1 card from your DECK-FOLDER.
\ Each waifur may <DISCHARGE> 1 card to <DRAW> again!


\ <SUMMON> or <UPGRADE> up to 1 waifur.


\ <CHARGE> any number of cards from your hand to your waifur.


\ <DOWNLOAD> programs from HAND
\ Activate card-effects
\ Use <CANCEL> during your opponents <DOWNLOAD>


SETUP before the game
At the beginning of the game, both players start with:
A face-up LEVEL1 waifur at the center
and 2 face-down LEVEL1 waifur on the sides,
(Search your DECK-FOLDER for these 3 cards)
5 card in SCORE,
3 cards in HAND.

Game-Phases FAQ


{ ... }

[ ... ]

( ... ):


< ... >


\ \\ \\\


















Card-type, color-coded.
{SKILL} are unique by not having PP or MB;
when a {SKILL} is installed; you may activate
all effects once; then <DELETE> the program.

Common card-tag. Used by effect-conditions.

Requirements and conditions for effects.

Effect-condition: May only be used once per
turn per card of the same name.

Common actions.

Order of play for actions that were activated
on top of another. Most recent action first.

Effect-type. \manual \\auto \\\global

Must be manually activated the moment the program
is installed or during your turn.
Can only activate if the program is enabled.

Automatically activates when conditions are met.
Can only activate if the program is enabled.

Automatically activates when conditions are met.
Can Also activate if the program is disabled.

Reduces CDMG from attacks. Stackable.

While on the field, programs without do not
take PDMG from attacks. Replaces .

Program does not take PDMG from attacks
while programs without are on the field.

May be installed during your opponents turn.

May be installed to another ally waifur.

Cards placed within the SCORE-ZONE.

Program-icons on waifur-cards. Removes
EXTRA-COST for program with matching icon.

Level of the card.

"HitPoints": <DELETE> waifur if CDMG
is equal to or greater than HP

"ProgramPoints": <DELETE> program if PDMG
is equal to or greater than PP.

"MegaBytes": Determines the maximum ammount
of programs that can be installed on a waifur.

"CriticalPower": Used by card-effects.

"Power": Used by card-effects.

"CriticalDamage": <DELETE> waifur if CDMG
is equal to or greater than HP

"ProgramDamage": <DELETE> program if PDMG
is equal to or greater than PP.

Keywords FAQ

Q: How exactly does UNIQUE work as a condition?
A: Any card-effect with a condition including the keyword UNIQUE can only be used once a turn, but not only by that card but in total by any card of the same name. The moment a card-effect with UNIQUE activates, no other card of the same name can use that card-effect during that same turn. This only counts per player, the same rules apply for your opponent, but seperate from you.

Q: Can FACE-DOWN cards activate card-effects?
A: No, any FACE-DOWN card is treated as if it has no card-effects.

Q: Can card-effects activate from HAND or if not installed?
A: Yes, \\\global card-effects will always activate while FACE-UP (no matter the ZONE) or also from HAND if the wording specifies it so.

Common actions

















Take the top card from your DECK-FOLDER into your HAND.

Send all cards from COOLDOWN1 to your hand.

then move all cards from COOLDOWN2 to COOLDOWN1;
then move all cards from COOLDOWN3 to COOLDOWN2;
then move all cards from COOLDOWN4 to COOLDOWN3.

Change a card to horizontal "enabled" state.
\manual and \\auto effects only function
while a card is enabled!

Change a card to vertical "disabled" state.
\\\global effects always function!

Pay the COST to place a card from HAND on
the field. Your opponent may use <CANCEL>,
if not: <INSTALL>. Manual activation.

Install a program to a waifur.

Your enabled waifur at LEVEL equal to or
greater than your opponents program during
<DOWNLOAD> may pay that programs full COST
to negate and <DELETE> that program; then
<DISABLE> your waifur. Manual activation.

Send this or specified cards to COOLDOWN3.
(Seperate ruling for waifur, see "COMBAT"-seciton)

Place a card from hand face-down below your
waifur. That card is now considered CHARGE.

Send a card from CHARGE to COOLDOWN3.

Place specified card face-down underneath
waifur. That card is now considered CACHE.

The card is now linked to specified target.
If the target is removed: <DELETE> the card.

Remove CDMG or PDMG specified by effect.

Flip a face-down waifur to face-up position.

Place a 1 LEVEL higher waifur on top of
another of the same name.

Target enemy waifur for attack. On HIT:
Deal CDMG equal to CRIT minus targets total
[SHIELD]. Then deal PDMG equal to PWR to a
program. Then <DISABLE> attacking card.

<CROSS-UPGRADE> is an advanced action which can be performed instead of <UPGRADE>. The to be upgraded waifur must <DISCHARGE>x2; then you may <UPGRADE> her without the requirement of the same name.

Common actions FAQ

Q: How do i place the waifur cards during <UPGRADE>?
A: Like this, so that all MASTERY is visible:

Q: Do my card-effects activate during <DOWNLOAD>?
A: Yes, but only \\\global card-effects can activate outside of being fully installed. (via <INSTALL>, which is part of the <DOWNLOAD> common-action)
When you <DOWNLOAD> a card, your opponent may <CANCEL> the installation,
if they do, \\auto and \manual effects can not activate.

Q: Can i <CANCEL> any <INSTALL>?
A: No, you can only <CANCEL> the <DOWNLOAD> common-action.
If a program would <INSTALL> through other means (like card-effects), you can not use <CANCEL>.


The main battle in PROJECT:WAIFUR happens during the ACTION-PHASE!

The turn-player may do any of the following in any order:
\ <DOWNLOAD> programs from HAND
\ Activate card-effects
\ Use <CANCEL> during their opponents <DOWNLOAD>

The opposing player may do the following:
\ <DOWNLOAD> programs with {REVERSAL} from HAND
\ Activate quick card-effects
(with specific conditions like "during your opponents turn")
\ Use <CANCEL> during their opponents <DOWNLOAD>

When your waifur is deleted:
Remove and send SCORE to your hand equal to the waifurs LEVEL+1;
<DELETE> all attached cards including CHARGE, CACHE, upgrades and programs;
then place the LEVEL1 waifur back to FACE-DOWN position on the field.

You win the game if any of these conditions are met:
\\ Your opponent must remove or take from SCORE but can not.
\\ Your opponent must <DRAW> but their DECK-FOLDER is empty.
\\ Your opponent has no active waifur.
\\ A card-effect states that you win the game.

It is highly recommended during early turns (until turn ~5) to always <CHARGE> all of your waifur! You generally want to get the additional DRAWs during DRAW-PHASE (1 for each waifur that can <DISCHARGE>x1) to get your economy and COOLDOWN-rotation going. A game between advanced players will mostly get to turn 5 within 10 minutes and would be finished by turn 10.

Combat FAQ

Q: How do i count damage?
A: You can keep track of CDMG and PDMG by either writing it down, or more commonly by using dice, placing them next to or on top of the cards.
Many values for HP and PP have been created with the use of dice in mind.

Q: What happens if a FACE-DOWN card is deleted?
A: That card is sent to COOLDOWN as by the regular rules for <DELETE>.
If a card was deleted FACE-DOWN, it had no card-effects, therefore even \\\global card-effects will not activate.

Q: What does "specific wording" for targeting mean?
A: Specific wording includes:
"Another ally":
"Another ally program":
"Another program":
Any of your cards
Other than the activating waifur
Other than the activating program
Other program from the same waifur
Your opponents cards

Q: Can i <CANCEL> my opponents card if they <DOWNLOAD> during my turn?
A: Yes.

Q: How do i read card-effects and conditions correctly?
A: First, determine what type of effect it is: \manual, \\auto, or \\\global by looking for \ \\ \\\ at th beginning of a card-effect.
Then ( ... ): if availiable determines the effect-conditions.
If the conditions are met or there are no conditions at all; follow the instructions of the effect-text.
For \manual card-effects, you can choose when to activate them, either during <INSTALL> or during your turn.
\\auto, or \\\global card-effects have to be activated when the conditions are met, unless the effect-text itself states otherwise (for example by adding a "may" to the wording).
All wording on PROJECT:WAIFUR cards is generally very direct and straight to the point.